originated from a unique collaboration with one of the largest producers of petrified wood in Indonesia.
Together with them, has been committed to drastically changing the industry for years. After seeing with my own eyes how things went before, the conclusion was quickly made. This can be done better, more fairly and more sustainably on the Indonesian side. It can be done differently!

Where other importers often have products made on a piece rate basis or purchase them separately, our supplier has its own workshop in Indonesia with full-time employees. Not only can it deliver better quality because the employees have more time to make products, they also really contribute to sustainable industry with a better future for its employees. In addition to a fixed salary, the employees also have health insurance for the entire family. Something they are obviously very proud of and something that is very rare in this sector.
We are also very much in favor of this and are proud to be ambassadors for such a great initiative.

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