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Are you a fan of our products and would you like to try them yourself?
Or do you have a special project for which you need customized products? Which can! Thanks to our good connections with the manufacturer, we can help you.
Need 30 sinks or a number of vases for your business? We like to think along with you!


Do you have a company and don't see the products you are looking for? Contact us and we will be happy to see if we can make these products for you!
Bathrooms, baths, split, counter tops, window sills, nothing is too crazy for us. For example, we supplied a zoo with complete sanitary facilities.
We are very curious about your ideas and hope that we can play a role in realizing them.

Become an ambassador yourself

Our producer is always looking for more ambassadors for their story and the products they make. Are you enthusiastic after seeing our products and would you like to have these products in your own store? We are happy to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities from business to business.

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