Due to its enormous hardness, petrified wood is extremely suitable for processing. It can be sliced, polished or hollowed out. By cutting the larger trunks into slices and polishing them, discs are created that are well suited for petrified wood table tops .

What are petrified wood table tops?

Petrified wood table tops are parts of petrified wood. Petrified wood is a fossil imprint of a tree, which in our case is about 50 to 75 million years old. Over the centuries, this tree has decayed and minerals have taken its place. Just like with dinosaur bones, you are actually left with a mineralized imprint of the tree. These petrified trees are taken to a workshop and processed into a tabletop.

How are petrified wood table tops made?

Our petrified wood table tops are made in the workshop of one of the largest producers of petrified wood in Indonesia. After they have viewed and collected the fossil trees, they can get to work. In the workshop they have special tools that can process the petrified wood. Petrified wood is mainly petrified by Quarter. Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale . Therefore, the petrified wood must be processed with even harder materials, for example with a special diamond saw. When the petrified wood tree has been cut into slices, the material can be smoothed and polished. With a large table top, the employees are sometimes busy for three to five days.

Examples of petrified wood table tops

Where do the petrified wood table tops come from?

Petrified wood is found in several places in the world. Our petrified wood table tops come from Indonesia, from the Sukabumi region. A lot of petrified wood is found here because the conditions here were about 50 to 75 million years ago. When soil or excavation work takes place, the petrified wood is often found. Consider, for example, the construction of train tracks or the construction of new buildings. The experienced foreman of Fosil Kayu can already see from the outside whether a petrified tree is suitable for making tabletops.

What colors can the petrified wood table tops have?

The colors of our petrified wood table tops depend greatly on the environment where the petrified wood was found. The petrification process is done by means of minerals, depending on the minerals that have been in the ground, the table tops get their color. The most common colors are; black, white/grey and brown/red.

What makes petrified wood table tops unique?

With our petrified wooden table tops, you get a really special piece in your home. No table is identical. Of course you can put the discs that have been next to each other together like a puzzle, but there is still a difference!
In addition, you bring a piece of history into your home and you always have a good story. As mentioned earlier, your tabletop is at least 50 million years old. You can also see a lot of details of the tree itself due to the slow process. The bark is often clearly visible and you can usually even count the annual rings. Often there are beautiful quartz bolts or other inclusions.

Why our petrified wood table tops are honest!

All our table tops have passed through the hands of employees we know to be right! We know who they are, what they are called and what they make. These employees receive a generous salary by local standards, have a permanent appointment and receive health insurance for the entire family. Of course we support this, in fact, this might make us the most happy!

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