Petrified wood is a very hard material. This makes it easy to work with and can be used to saw discs, among other things. These petrified wooden discs are wonderful as decoration or as a coaster for something that deserves a special spotlight.

What are petrified wood discs?

Petrified wood is a fossil imprint of a tree that lived about 50 to 75 million years ago. Over the years, this tree has slowly decayed and minerals have been left behind. This fossil imprint still shows the parts of this tree down to the cell level. It comes out of the ground as a whole stump and is then processed into petrified wooden discs.

Where do the petrified wood discs come from?

Our petrified wood discs come from Indonesia, mainly from the Sukabumi region. Here, about 75 million years ago, the conditions were such that the process of petrification could begin. The pieces of petrified wood come out of the ground and are regularly found at road works or construction sites.

Examples of petrified wood discs

How are petrified wood discs made?

The petrified wood discs that we offer come directly from the workshop of one of the largest petrified wood producers in Indonesia. The foreman, Abdul, comes from a family that has been making petrified wood products for generations. He knows like no other how to assess the quality of the petrified tree from the outside. The fossil tree is then taken to the workshop in Sukabumi and processed. Since petrified wood is as high as a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale , special tools are needed for this. For example, sawing can only be done with a diamond saw.

What colors are petrified wood discs available in?

The petrification of petrified wood is done by minerals in water that slowly fill the empty spaces at the place where the tree decays. This takes centuries and the main mineral responsible for this is quartz. Quartz is colorless by itself, but when combined with other minerals, the petrified wood takes on a different color . The most common colors are; black, white/grey and brown/red.

What makes petrified wood discs special?

By buying petrified wooden discs you not only get something beautiful at home. You get a sustainable product with a beautiful story attached to it.
There is a piece of tree in the house that has been isolated in the ground for at least 50 million years and has slowly transformed into a stone as the centuries passed.
Because of this slow process, details can be seen down to the cellular level that still indicate that it was a tree. This way you can still see the bark and annual rings very well.

Why these petrified wooden discs are honest products!

Because we can deliver directly from the manufacturer, we know the whole story. We know who is in the workshop, their names and what they do. Unlike most employees in this industry, they receive a permanent contract with a very good wage, by local standards. In addition, they have good fringe benefits such as health insurance for the whole family. This not only makes our product fair, we love it!

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