With petrified wood you always get a special product. It is a unique and beautiful piece and there is a beautiful story behind it. Place the petrified wooden plates as decoration or use them as a fruit bowl.

What are petrified wood signs?

Petrified wood is actually a fossil imprint of a tree that was buried under a layer of sediment about 50 to 75 million years ago. Where the tree has slowly decayed, minerals have replaced it. As a result, the tree has become 'petrified' and extremely hard. The minerals make it possible to see at a cellular level what the tree looked like and things such as annual rings are still clearly visible.
These petrified wooden trees are sliced ​​and processed into plates.

Where do petrified wood signs come from?

Our petrified wooden plates come from Indonesia. To be very precise from East Java in the Sukabumi region. Petrified wood and jasper are often found here. Petrified wood lies underground and is regularly found during, for example, roadworks or the construction of a railway. The employees of Fosil Kayu have their own workshop in Sukabumi. They recognize the quality of the petrified wood from the outside and know what is the best way to make petrified wooden signs.

What colors do petrified wood signs have?

It is often thought that the color of petrified wood has to do with the type of tree that has become buried under the sediment. Nothing could be further from the truth.
As described earlier, the wood petrifies because minerals come to the place of the slowly decaying tree. Mainly this is quartz, but quartz is colorless. When the quartz bonds with other minerals, you get other colors . The most common colors for our petrified wooden plates are white/grey, brown/red and black.

Examples of petrified wood signs

How are petrified wood signs made?

You need special tools to make petrified wooden signs. The petrification is done by quarter, this has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale . So something harder is needed to be able to saw and grind it. For example, a diamond saw is used for sawing. When the stump has been cut into slices, the employee can get to work. He hollows out the inside and grinds the petrified wooden boards into shape on the outside. When the shape is right, he can gradually polish the petrified wood until it is smooth and shiny. This whole process takes about 3-5 days.

Why are petrified wood signs unique?

Because none of our petrified wood signs are the same. Of course you can see which ones are made from the same tribe, but they are never quite the same!
Because the plates are made thin, it is often easy to see that the wood is petrified by minerals. If you have the opportunity, hold one of our petrified wooden plates against the light. Often you can see through the quartz bolts!
You can also see very well the details of the petrified tree, you can see the annual rings and the bark.

Why our petrified wood signs are honest

Due to our special cooperation with the supplier, we know the process and the company like no other. We literally know who works in the workshop and how the products are made. Unfortunately, we often see with gemstones that they are mined and processed under poor conditions, even sometimes by children. In our case , we know that the employees receive a generous salary for local standards, have health insurance for the entire family, have a permanent contract and therefore have a chance of getting a mortgage. We are not alone behind this, we are very happy with this!