How to maintain petrified wood

An accident is in a small corner, so a glass goes over the table. Maybe you get some circles on your tabletop or your product is slowly getting dull. Time to clean it, but how do you maintain petrified wood ?

Can you wash petrified wood?

Yes! You can easily wipe our petrified wood products with lukewarm water and a cloth. Use a soft cloth for this, for example a microfiber cloth.
A little neutral soap can't really hurt either, but avoid cleaning products with chlorine or cleaning vinegar. This can be harmful to the stone.

How do you maintain polished petrified wood?

Your polished petrified wood product remains best if you treat it with wax every now and then. Preferably use a natural wax for this, for example stone wax. Stone wax is based on beeswax, so you can also use this for it.

How do you maintain raw petrified wood?

It is best to clean the raw petrified wood. Use water and a soft brush for this. Do not use a hard brush and do not push too hard.
It can happen that the outer edge (bark) is a bit brittle and it can break off.

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